Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who Would Play You

Everyone loves a round of "Who Would Play You," right?  You're having a casual dinner party, or chatting on the bus, whatever, it's a great game.  Someone chimes in, "Amanda Peet would play me."  Her friend says, "No, no, you're more of a Scarlet Johanson!"  Hilarious!  "Am I Dennis Quaid, or Mel Gibson?" he asks.  "Quaid, circa '83." A hearty laugh goes 'round.

It's all fun and games till it's the Asian girl's turn.  "Lucy Liu?"  Awkward silence.  "That girl from Sideways?"  "What about that new girl in the latest Terminator?" 

You get to be Amanda Peet, and I'm the girl no one knows from the latest/crappiest Terminator?

Ugh.  OBVIOUSLY, I would play me.  I would play me!  I just needed a dramatic way to bring up that they need me to play me.  C'mon, Hollywood!  Discover me already.


  1. ...that guy from Grey's Anatomy, obviously! :)

  2. And one day I can say, Chris Quintos Cathcart would play me. :-)