Friday, September 4, 2009

Casting Couches

I never really knew what the deal was with casting couches. I understand them in theory, of course, but practice is something I've (luckily) been unfamiliar with. However, yesterday was my very first "extra" experience, and I think my understanding of the ubiquitous couch has just reached a new level.

Make no mistake, I can throw my womanhood around with the best of 'em. I am after all an extrovert, an actress, and an aries (i.e. shameless flirt). But, I haven't really been in a profession where flirting was acceptable, let alone the tool-du-jour!

Yesterday was my first experience as an extra (videoblog to come, hopefully). And a primal sense awakened within me. Every time the director walked by me, I couldn't help but sit up a little straighter, uncross and cross my legs, pout a little pout-ier - you get the deal. I just kept thinking, if only I could get this dude to look at me and say, "There you are. My muse. Lo, how I have waited." (Or, something to that effect.) If only said dude would look at me and pluck me out of obscurity, we could ride onto the proverbial Sunset-Boulevard together! I could play Thurman to his Tarantino, Winslet to his Mendes, Klum to his Kors!

... Did I mention it was for a University of Phoenix commercial?

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    FOLLOW UP (04/21/10): I finally saw the commercials on TV, see if you can spot me as a microbe in any of these: