Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Of course, I have about 1000 8 x 10s of my mug (500 black & white - why oh why did I buy those?, and 500 in color). Not to mention the 500 colored business cards I have, with mini versions of my headshot.

Yes. I am sick of looking at it. Yes, I forget to bring them to about half the auditions I go on. AND, YES - I know it's a damn good picture of me. No - I do not look like that when I wake up. AND, YES - I know it's a damn good picture of me. You don't need to look at it, then back at me, then back at it and say - WOW. This is an amazing picture. I know that already.

Here's the thing. They're supposed to be what I would look like if someone (a professional) did my makeup. What I could look like if you hired me! Anyway, since I have approximately 5,000 business cards with my mug on them, I figure I should probably use them. So, I stuck one in my luggage tag. Big mistake. Now, people see my glorious/headshot mug and can compare directly to the "travel mug." Two words = not cute.

...but what I am supposed to do with the remaining 20,000 business cards?

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